Relevant Creations by Relevant People 


Jewelry, cookies, promotional items, shirts, and art projects are all used to promote the happiness and well being of individuals with acquired brain injuries. 


You can feel good about ordering any of these items through us. Each purchase paves a way for a person to find meaning and value in his or her life. 


Despite many obstacles, these individuals have proven their resilience and are working towards individualized therapy goals. The West End Co-op is a way for these people to work on their goals in a real life work setting, where they can see the fruits of their labor as purchases made by you. 


Please consider ordering any of our products, and in doing so, give hope and purpose to a person with an acquired brain injury. 


Thank you for your support of the West End Co-op, and Relevant Creations by Relevant People.


All products are now "Relevant Creations by Relevant People".